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Redarc is an Australian company specializing in energy management in the automotive industry. 
Hervey Bay Auto Electrix is the Redarc approved installer for Hervey Bay and surrounds

Tow Pro Electric Brake Controller

The class leading Two Pro Electric Brake Controller is arguably the best brake controller on the market today.  Check out some of the following reviews.

Dual Battery Isolators and Dual Battery Charges

Modern cars are controlled by electronics.  Alternators are often  controlled by a computer and the output voltage is varied to meet the  demands of the vehicle. A low voltage output may not be sufficient to  fully charge a second battery,  In addition, with various battery  chemistries, each requires a differing charge voltage.  In these cases a simple Battery Isolator will not charge the second battery.  A Battery  Charger (BCDC) is required in these cases to ensure the second battery  is charged to capacity,
Refer to Redarc Tech Tips for more detailed Information

RedArc Solar

Redarc Solar Panels are a quality solar panel that you can rely on. 
Ever thought of putting solar panels on the tow vehicle.  This allows the charging of the dual battery and subsequent running of vehicle fridges at all times.  For the ‘vanners’ just simply leave the tow vehicle in the sun and connect a cable to the caravan parked in the shade when free camping. After all solar panels on the van do not work so well when you put the van in the shade

Other Redarc Products

Refer to the Redarc Website for a complete product list

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Last Published: Monday, 8 January 2018