What is an alcohol interlock?

An alcohol interlock device is an electronic breath testing device  connected to the ignition of a vehicle. The vehicle will not start  unless the driver passes a breath test. It will not stop the car once in motion.

Guardian Interlock

Key features:

Concealed installation
LCD display for easy operation
Visual and audible notifications
Simple to use, no difficult exhaling techniques required

Easily mounted in the vehicle, Guardians WR3 Handset offers  functionality that meets all Queensland Government legislation giving you peace of mind that your unit will operate as it should.

Guardian Interlock Install

Installation takes about half a day. Training is provided.

In order to install the Guardian Interlock into your vehicle you will need to bring

  • Court / Department of training documents
  • License
  • Proff of any concession claims from centrelink

Service Maintenance

  • attend the workshop at 1 month or 2 month periods as specified to have your system monitored and perhaps re-calibrated
  • any violations will be printed providing the opportunity for written explanations if necessary
  • service violations require immediate attendance to have the system reset
  • convenient car servicing can be arranged to coincide with interlock mon itoring



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Last Published: Tuesday, 31 March 2020