At Hervey Bay Auto Electrix, we've done our best to create a Web site that anticipates and satisfies our customers' needs. With that goal in mind, we've compiled a list of frequently asked questions.
If you do not find an answer to your question here, contact us at (07) 4128 1825 or admin@hbae.com.au.

  • What are Scotch Locks?

    Scotch Locks are a mechanical way of connecting wires.  They are faster  to install than a fully soldered and insulated joint. Using Scotch  locks reduces labour cost on jobs. Hervey Bay Auto Electrix has repaired numerous installations where the mechanical join has failed.
    Hervey Bay Auto Electrix does not use or stock Scotch Locks.

  • What is an Anderson Plug?

    An Anderson plug is installed near a trailer connection and is connected to the main battery with heavy duty cable capable of 50 amps or more.  They are usually isolated to prevent the main battery discharging when the vehicle is not running,
    These are used to provide high power to caravans, winches, fridges, etc.

  • Why is an Isolator Recommended?

    Providing power from the main battery to run appliances, charge caravan  batteries, run winches, fridges, etc has become common practice.
    An isolator is recommended to disconnect all power drain from the main battery when the vehicle is not running.
    An isolator automatically disconnects all batteries and other devices so that the main battery will have sufficient charge to start the vehicle.

  • Why would I need a battery charger instead of an isolator?

    Modern cars are controlled by electronics.  Alternators are often  controlled by a computer and the output voltage is varied to meet the  demands of the vehicle. A low voltage output may not be sufficient to  fully charge a second battery,  In addition, with various battery  chemistries, each requires a differing charge voltage.  In these cases a simple Battery Isolator will not charge the second battery.  A Battery  Charger (BCDC) is required in these cases to ensure the second battery  is charged to capacity,

  • Is there room for a caravan and/or trucks at your workshop?

    We have a large workshop that can handle multiple Trucks and Caravans. There is also a ample parking in our large concrete apron

  • 12 Pin trailer plugs Vs 7 Pin

    A 12 pin trailer plug is often installed on many new caravans. Two wires provide power to charge up batteries in the van whilst traveling.
    On occasions, after there has been a heavy load on the caravans batteries, a large current draw may pass through the thin wires in the 12 pin lug causing it to melt.
    An Anderson plug is recommended to prevent this from happening.

  • How often should I service my Air Con?

    Your AC system should be service  annually to keep the system operating  a  optimum efficiency.  The filter or  drier should be replaced  every 2 years.

  • What is a Receiver Drier?

    A Receiver Drier or filter is placed in an Air Conditioning System to remove any moisture that may condense in the system. A compressor compresses gases only and any moisture will damage the compressor


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Last Published: Tuesday, 31 March 2020