1. Compressor.  Gas under low pressure is compressed to high pressure.  This generates heat.
  2. The gas under high  pressure passes through a condenser where it is cooled.  The condenser  (looks like a small radiator) is usually installed in front of the  radiator. The cooling process may also be assisted by thermo fans. The  gas condenses and becomes a liquid
  3. A Dryer is used to remove any moisture from the system.
  4. A thermal expansion valve (TX valve) allows the gas, in liquid form, to expand.  This expansion reduces the temperature.
  5. The cold gas from the TX valve enters an expansion chamber called an  evaporator located under the dash.  A blower motor blows warm air from  inside the cabin through the evaporator where it is cooled and is  directed to the vents.
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Auto Air Conditioning

Once an optional extra, the Air Conditioning System is now a vital part of the motoring experience.   Few cars are available today that do not include air conditioning as part of standard inclusions

The Air Conditioning System contains both a Refrigerant component and an Electrical component.  Auto Electricians possess the skill required to correctly diagnose both the electrical and refrigerant components of the Automotive Air Conditioning System.

Although the air conditioner system is a sealed system, leaks, refrigerant component failures and electrical failures do occur


Australian Refrigeration Council, ARC

The air conditioning industry is strictly regulated by the Australian Refrigeration Council, ARC. 

Intentionally allowing refrigerant gas to escape into the atmosphere is potentially damaging to the environment and as such is illegal. 
Only technicians licensed by ARC fully understand the regulations and possess the technical knowledge to comply with all ARC requirements



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